Carrabba's Italian Grill

Entrepreneurial Model

Be a Carrabba's Entrepreneur: create your own destiny

When you join Carrabba's for a are creating the opportunity to build your own destiny!

Ever seen the name of the Proprietor on the entrance door to Carrabba's? Yes!...that person really does own the restaurant and it could be your name on one of the hundreds of Carrabba's all over the country too!

Here is on the success story of one of our Vice Presidents of the company:

A few years ago I worked for a company that I enjoyed. I was the general manager and had responsibility for payroll, purchases and my people. My supervisor then always said to "treat this opportunity like you owned the restaurant yourself" and I lived up to that standard.

I grew sales, profits and made friends for my restaurant as more and more regulars became our customers but I never felt that it was my restaurant. I had the keys to the building but not my name on the door.

My son worked for this company called OSI Restaurants and he thought my personality would fit this style of operations. I did my homework and found that many of my friends from previous restaurant companies worked now for OSI.

Their reason was simple. Ownership! I ran an operation for a restaurant company. I really wanted to run my restaurant with a company of owners.

Being the owner is a financial investment in your own future. When you build sales and profits and also acquire my regulars you financially benefit from your talents. You get to share those skills with your management team and hourly employees (there are called Carrabbamicos) and contribute to their success and watch them grow and develop. You support local community causes, your name is associated with quality and loyalty. Your restaurant is the top of mind place for serious food and drinks.

When you find a place you love to come to everyday, and it is yours, then you never have to work for anyone else again.

Carrabba's Italian Grill