Pasta Seconds

In Italy, second helpings are a family tradition. Order any of the pasta dishes from our Pasta Seconds menu and enjoy complimentary seconds for yourself or to share with the table!

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Our Founders

Carrabba's was founded by Johnny Carrabba and his uncle, Damian Mandola, two Sicilian boys who loved to cook and eat and who wanted to share their passion with others. They created Carrabba's Italian Grill: a place where generations of family recipes are freshly prepared every night and where every guest feels at home. Take part in the tradition tonight!

Our Story

At Carrabba's, food and family mean everything. As it did to the Carrabba and Mandola families who emigrated from Sicily to Louisiana and Texas where they developed a cooking style that combined traditional Italian with a Gulf Coast kick. It's their traditions our chefs carry on: hand-preparing family recipes from the freshest ingredients for an authentic Italian experience you won't find anywhere else.